Welcome to JG Meiring High School

Goodwood Secondary School, as we were first named, opened on 18 January 1954 with 8 teachers and 88 pupils. The buildings were inaugurated on 23 August 1956 and named after Dr J.G. Meiring, at the time Superintendent General of Education (1953 1959).
J.G. Meiring has since grown into a prominent high school boasting a proud record and excellent facilities.
Our motto SEMPER NOSTRA OPTIMA reflects the prevailing spirit of our school for we sincerely try to awaken in our pupils a perception of reaching up and out, of dedication and of giving unstintingly of oneself in order to emulate the worthy achievements of the alma mater.
J.G. Meiring High School is a dual medium school. We aim at developing the whole child stimulating the desire to learn, fostering spiritual values and guiding pupils towards intellectual, physical, emotional and social independence so that they may become mature and responsible adults who can take their place in society with confidence. We therefore pledge ourselves to:

  1. professional teaching of the highest level possible;
  2. a healthy balance between curricular and extra curricular activities;
  3. and the nurturing of Christian values and lifestyle, although we respect the principles of other religions;
  4. to whoever can furnish proof of benefiting from it;
  5. who, together with parents/guardians, undertake to uphold and respect the authority and ethos of the school, as well as the languages of instruction;
  6. and who, through scholastic ability, behaviour and attitude will emulate the high standards of the school and uphold her good name.